Thursday, 29 September 2011

Oh no You didnt!!

I have been seeing a lot of shoes and I just think to myself
Do people really like these shoes that look a "HOT MESS"

Here are some shoes that my eyes have been unfortunate to come across.



Fringing gone wrong

I wonder what the inspiration was behind these shoes.. Mmm strippers

Trying too hard.. reminds me of a female rambo

Umm yeah!

You can look just like one of the smurfs in these

Night crawler

The shape of these disgust me

Platform trainers will NEVER look good

Who in their right mind would wear these unless its part of your tradition.. WHY??

I just dont know what to say... looks like you are walking around with a dead dog on your feet

I hate sketchers anyway but these are beyond a joke

Sheep dog comes to mind.

Maybe these would have been cute in the 70s but no these are just horrendous

These just reminds me of  Joseph and the Techni-colour dreamcoat.. Not Cute

Who are you trying to attract with these boots.. Spiderman??

How would you even lift your foot off the ground.. lmao

To infinity and beyond

Look like your feet have worms

The heel just ruins this for me

Suede and then a hideous platform

When I see shoes like these and the people wearing them I can't help but feel sorry for them as they actually believe they look stylish.. loool

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