Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Ankle boot hunt

Been on the hunt for some ankle boots.. to be specific

They have to be black, not to casual, can be dressed up or down and not be dead on the ankle a little higher. Most importantly it has to be ALL BLACK no coloured heels.

Seems very detailed I know, I have found some great ones but as usual.. I always like what I cant afford. I need so find some more affordable alternatives though.

Check these out!!

My absolute favourite hence them being shoe of the week.
Opening Ceremony ~ £280 

Kurt Geiger ~ £140
* Also available in grey (which looks hideous!!)

Miista by Laura Villasenin ~ £85
Shame my size isn't available.

Some heeled alternatives!!!

Aldo ~ £100
Also available in the colour below which is very retro and reminds of the 70s to be specific 
(That 70's show)

Zara ~ £59.99
Oooh you save a penny lool

All the boots below are by Kat Maconie another favourite designer
that i adore. Her shoes are always ONPOINT!

Kat Maconie ~ £235

Kat Maconie ~ £220

Kat Maconie ~ Not sure of the price yet.


  1. really nice blog. i will follow you <3


  2. Glad you like it and thanks for the follow. Will check out your blog now. (:


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