Tuesday, 23 August 2011

In love with "Creative Recreation"

Guys and Girls this is a brand that is so unique, innovative and on trend.
You are bound to find something you like if not love on their site.

Check out some of these hot footwear I have selected... just makes me want to go shopping.

Firstly these are some of my favourites from their men's collection which is way bigger than the women's. To see their full range check out their website.

You can take these shoes from day to night, simply unzip and change your look.... absolutely love these.

Love the textures and fabrics used, a modern take to old school trends.

 Now for the ladies... I selected what I feel is  the best of what they have to offer. Hope you like them!

They cost $250.

Something classic that can be worn to work. They cost $240.

To me these are the perfect shoes... my dreams have become reality haha. Having flats within the shoe already saves you having to carry an extra pair when your feet start to hurt. They cost $275.


                                                                 Available for the price of  $275.

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